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The Night The Moon Fell

by The Vegans

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Have you seen the moon tonight Playfully she's dancing with her stars up in the sky Her world is colored green and white With a nose always stained red Passed out in the lawn a year ago The first night I called her my friend Sleeping in her bed two months ago I wish I could know her then Tonight she plays with all her stars I can touch her but she's so very far I will always bear her mark But she'll never know
Let's talk about it how I'd love to watch your lips Maybe taste them from your cigaretter I would never chance a kiss Let's take photographs of shadows in the woods I could watch you work for hours sometimes I wish I could just take a chance I'm not that bad anymore Are you convinced yet I'm not convinced yet Down by the lakeside we were staring at the stars If you watch them long enough they don't seem that far Up on the treetops we were leaving our mark I've been there every day since life's never been that hard You make it easy To smile Won't you stay for a while Oh you're so easy On the eyes Won't you please come inside I think about you Let's venture to downtown pastmidnight oh the freshly fallen snow makes everything so bright Let's watch the moon as she falls from the sky I hope she hit's the ground before she withers and dies
Paradise 03:21
There's a hole in the floor and it's growing and it's eating more than I'm showing Why won't you, why can't you Why won't you, where are you In those eyes there lies a paradise it's calling, calling One more dream, one more try Ten thousand reasons to curl up and die Words and sounds I scream aloud into your empty shoes You once claimed with pride, your heart was once open wide
Tired minds dreaming of a goal so very far away Naked skin gleaming off the pale moonlight, sweat of the day It's gorgeous, shines for us, stuck in my pocket It's brilliant, resilient, never goes away I dream of a world where you wouldn't have to go Please tell me What you are dreaming of I want to share with you everything Share my bed with circumstance, no I never thought I'd see you again Awake much later than, I had ever planned, for a friend Come join me on the moon, I'm the only one left Entice me, take my hand beneath the table no they'll never know
Face down, on the ground I was alone again What happens now, I cry out to her as words like daggers rip apart my soul She cried again, please won't you be my friend, in my time of need But in her hand she holds a knife, and another man's life, and it's clear it's him or me She is a tiger no remorse She is hunger backed by force She is love My last money for a while, let's grab some food and make things right I offered to take her bloodstained coat She said I'm a great man, as she took my hand, and followed me into my room But all the while she had another wrapped around her finger tips As I passionately kissed her bloody lips She destroyed a perfect mind with her twisted game of lies But that's okay because I'm still her friend
Dragon 05:24
I've been thinking 'bout a way to keep the dragon at bay these walls are rumbling and crumbling and showing their age She offers peace if we at least let her come and stay but her words are paired with flames an aging grudge and year old rage Down by the water she screamed Down by the water We solved everything with a knife in my back If the lighthouse were to fall Today would you notice, would you even care My father, and my daughter, will never know How much I cared for her only the water truly understands The monster came and took away everything I had loved Hellfire blew from deep inside I nearly died just my luck I nearly struck her down saved the town and won the day but the pain within her eyes caught me by surprise and I let her run away
Failure 04:34
twenty four hours of waiting for anything to occur And I gave myself to you Watching the hour hand cycle round Shouting down the hall Pretending the echos belonged to anyone else What she said Breaks my heart What she said means everything to me Why am I fine Why aren't i crying All I do is fail And wait for something new I smell like a mountain of cigarettes I haven't smoked in days Sleeping is a lie She sat alone in my bedroom as I pretended to die what she doesn't know is I'm fine
Sweater 02:48
I fell apart, days are long and hard and they never seem to end But that walk, to my concrete haven just might have saved my life The cold is a small price to pay to be greeted by an angel and shielded by her wings She sang A simple tune and gave me hope You're far away but that's okay cuz I still here you anyway Your words whisper softly Deep within my ear I miss you, I miss you every night I've sprouted wings or just something that lets me fly every night Can we please go somewhere tonight Bless the day I complimented your sweater Bless the rain that turned into snow in your hair
Leave 04:11
The sun has gone away but I'm still waiting for you What was there is gone, but she's still singing for you The happiness inside, the reason I'm alive Is quickly fading But I can read the signs and you're never coming home Leave me here to die And I will fight for you Leave me here to lie And I will fight for two Please come home I wasted all my savings on a brand new state of mind but it just wasted away I sleep through every morning, and stay up every night just to watch the stars above my head fade away the sand inside my shoes, the water and abuse flood my mind every time I stand, in the doorway and I think what the hell have I done with my life
Mornings 04:28
There's no work today Can we please run away off into the morning sun Where we'll get married every day something new to celebrate every moment for the rest of our lives We'll run to canada I'll buy you a panda And share my dreams with you every night It's been too long since I've seen your face On something other than a computer screen You quit your job I'll quit my band we'll go see exotic lands I'll sing to you every night We'll fight off monsters as we laugh We'll make new friends and teach them math One and one make two You and I make love so true It's getting dark now what would you say let's run to the hill and gaze upon the night so filled with stars


The Vegans' debut full length album is an album about dragons, lakes, and recreational drug use


released June 28, 2013

The Vegans are--
Nic Gauer- Gutiar/Vocals
Kory Sericati- Bass
Danny Nessman- Drums

Produced by Shane Hochstetler of Howl Street Studios in Bayview, WI. Mastered by Kenny Baumann. Art by Ryan Fuller.


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The Vegans Manitowoc, Wisconsin

The Vegans are a 3 piece indie punk band from Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

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